PT Angels Products sugar is produced through the carbonation process and ion exchange resin process. Internal Laboratory results confirm that the sugar produced is of optimum quality and fulfills the requirements of consumers who. Demand the best quality sugar.
1. Washing/cleaning process
The process is started by weighing raw sugar. Every 1.000 kg of raw, crystal sugar is washed with hot water from the boiler which then turns into raw sugar syrup.
2. Carbonation
The raw sugar syrup is purified with the help of milk of lime and C02 gas that is emitted by the boiler.
3. Filtration
The sugar syrup solution is filtered with a Rotary leaf filter.
4. Ion Exchange processes
The decolorization of the sugar syrup solution is done through the help of resin and a salt solution.
5. Evaporation
To be able to optimize and accelerate the process, the sugar syrup solution’s concentration is enhanced with the use of plate evaporator. The result is a sugar syrup solution with a high level of concentration.
6. Crystallization
The sugar syrup solution with a high level of concentration which is clear/colorless is turned into a crystal by going through the boiling pan and crystallization process.
7. Curing
While the crystal is still wet, a centrifugal is used to separate the crystals from water.
8. Drying and Packing
Any dampness remaining from the curing process is dried with the use of a drying tool. After awards, the sugar is packed in sacks of 50 kg each, reweighed and stitched. We also now have the facility for 1.000 kg sacks.