PT Angels Products has successfully managed liquid waste so that the disposal meets the quality standard of the Ministry of Environment. The efforts toward this environmental awareness have resulted in recognition from the Regent of Serang as an environmentally friendly company ever since 2004. While at the national level, PT Angels Products has succeeded in reaching PROPER – Blue rank from the Ministry of Environment since 2005.

PT Angels Products production process is also in full accordance with regulations set by the Indonesian National Standard for Refined Sugar no. 01-3140.2-2006 since 2008.

In 2009, PT Angels Products obtained recognition for the Best Deal on Trade Finance of the Year through International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) from Trade Finance Magazine and Global Trade Review.

PT Angels Products has achieved international certification in Quality Management System, ISO ( 9001:2008 ) in 2006 and continuously achieved Food Safety Management System ( ISO 22000:2005 ) in 2010 . These integrated systems have been applied in the entire production process and its supporting activities, namely AFQMS (Angels Food safety & Quality Management System).